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Who Has the Best Bathtub Resurfacing Services in Catoosa?


For over 20 years, Bear and Bison Resurfacing Specialists LLC have been proud to bring a new life into our clients’ homes through resurfacing. We offer the best services around and advocate for resurfacing your home as we are able to offer cheaper and less abrasive solutions for your home in doing so. We are able to service any countertop and surface in your home and can even help a dated looking bathtub appear good as new!


By restoring a worn or damaged surface of your bathtub, we can help save you money by not requiring demolition, new supplies and materials, and other factors that can make home renovations become expensive. This is why we pride ourselves as a helpful option when it comes to individuals looking to give their home an updated look without having to spend a small fortune in doing so.


As a locally owned company with years of experience, we have become the trusted resurfacing specialists in the Catoosa area. So, if you are a homeowner looking to revamp your home without spending too much money, call Bear & Bison Resurfacing Specialists LLC for your free estimate today!


Catoosa Bathtub Resurfacing

Services We Offer


At Bear & Bison, we offer a variety of services to help ensure we can provide the right resurfacing service to each of our clients. This list of services includes surfaces in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and anywhere else that may have a surface in need of attention. By offering this variety of resurfacing applications, we are able to ensure a custom experience for each client that is tailored to their own home. These services include:


  • Bathtub Resurfacing
  • Bathroom Vanity Resurfacing
  • Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing
  • Backsplash Resurfacing



Why Using Bear & Bison as Your Resurfacing Specialists is the Right Choice to Make!


Here at Bear & Bison, we pride ourselves in knowing that we are able to help our clients transform their home and bring a new life to their space. We are experienced in the resurfacing industry and our resurfacing experts are capable of fixing outdated countertops, damages, or any other surfacing issues in your home that you may be experiencing.


This ability to fix and refine others’ homes is what keeps our customers happy with their homes and the services that they have received. This has allowed us to claim several awards such as being Home Advisor Screen Approved for 3 years, have more than 20 five star reviews from Home Advisor, win Home Advisor’s Best Of 2021, and Home Advisor Elite Service Award.


These numerous awards show the quality of our services and continue to represent the high standard we uphold for ourselves here at Bear & Bison. So, if you are someone looking for exceptional resurfacing services such as these, contact Bear & Bison Resurfacing Specialists LLC today!