Tulsa Bathtub Refinishing

At Bear & Bison Resurfacing, we specialize in bathtub refinishing among many other resurfacing services. High-quality products are used by our certified professionals, ensuring the job will be done right the first time.


By refinishing your bathtub, you can achieve a fresh new look at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  If your tub is worn or has chips, scratches, spots, rust stains, etc., refinishing will completely remove these imperfections.


Refinishing is also a great option if you are wanting to change the color of your bathtub. Regardless of the reason, refinishing will renew the look of your bathtub for years to come.


Keep reading to learn more about the expert bathtub refinishing services available through Bear & Bison Resurfacing!

What is Tulsa Bathtub Refinishing?

Many homeowners do not know what bathtub refinishing is or that it is an option for their upcoming bathroom remodel project. Bathtub refinishing not only renews the appearance of your tub but also protects against rust and corrosion.


Professional bathtub refinishing will provide you with a bathtub that looks brand new without the high cost and inconvenience of replacing your tub. Today’s resurfacing materials make it easy to completely remove scratches and other imperfections from your original enamel surface.

Tulsa Bathtub Refinishing

How Can Bathtub Refinishing Improve My Home’s Value?

Whether you are planning to list your home for sale or simply looking for ways to add value to your home, bathtub refinishing can help! By updating the bathtub, as well as other surfaces in your bathroom, you can achieve a brand new look!


After resurfacing your bathtub, shower, and countertops, you probably won’t want to move after all! Achieve a spa-like atmosphere by removing the scratches, cracks, and chips that currently cover your bathtub. In doing so, you will improve the value of your home and increase the potential sales price.

What is the Process of Bathtub Refinishing in Tulsa?

The process for bathtub refinishing is similar to other resurfacing services we offer. The surface of your bathtub will be sanded, cleaned, and prepped before we apply our high-quality products that create a protective barrier against rust and corrosion.


Finally, all materials used in the refinishing process are environmentally safe and will be completely dry before anyone can use your bathtub again.

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As a locally-owned business with over 20 years of experience, we have seen all kinds of surfaces including bathtubs. If you want to improve the appearance of your bathtub, we can help you with Tulsa bathtub refinishing.


We know what it takes to create a beautiful and like-new look for your tub without the high replacement cost and inconvenience of tearing out and replacing your entire bathtub.


Every bathroom deserves a brand new appearance that makes an impression. If you are looking for guidance on how to refurbish or refinish your bathtub, we can help! Our team of professionals is ready to help you achieve the spa-like bathroom of your dreams by refinishing your bathroom surfaces.


Are you ready to refresh your bathtub through professional refinishing? Contact us today to learn more about our Tulsa bathtub refinishing services!