Tulsa Kitchen Resurfacing

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Are you remodeling your home, and you just came to the halting realization that buying all new cabinets and countertops is not only inconvenient but also expensive? You aren’t the only one. At Bear and Bison, our philosophy is that if it’s not broken, why replace it? 


Instead of spending tons of money on brand new cabinets and kitchen counters, let us resurface your kitchen. Our team of experts has years of experience when it comes to updating kitchen counters and appliances. We can take your outdated space and make it look new without ripping everything out and replacing it. Honor your home’s original investment by resurfacing what is already there, from updating your cabinets to resurfacing your counters with one of our 30+ countertop resurfacing options; we can update your kitchen into a modern culinary dream.

Whether your kitchen is fitted in all things retro or just some minor touchups, Bear and Bison can help make your remodel dreams come true. Below are only a few things that have made Bear and Bison one of the top Tulsa kitchen resurfacing companies: 


  • Uses top-performing painting equipment 
  • Uses highly durable material 
  • Offers excellent customer service 
  • Professionals have over 20 years of resurfacing experience 
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Tulsa Kitchen Counter Resurfacing


Would you love to have brand new countertops, but it’s just not in the budget? We can resurface your countertops so that they look brand-new. This will save you money and ensure that you aren’t wasting anything you’ve already invested in your house. We can refinish your laminate, tile, or other types of countertops in just a few days. We won’t need to demolish anything (leaving your kitchen cleaner, faster), and you’ll save tons of money (leaving your wallet heavier). 

Resurfacing will extend the life of your current countertops for over ten years. Our thorough resurfacing process ensures that the countertops are long-lasting and have a durable finish. Our finishes are of excellent quality that will extend the lifespan and durability of your kitchen counters, so you don’t have to worry about them again for a very, very long time. No matter what your countertops are or what your dream is for them, Bear and Bison can improve your kitchen counter’s look and functionality. Not only do we resurface with a quality non-leak finish, but we can also add or re-do the straight-edge on your countertops. If you would prefer a rounded or other profile, we can transform your countertops! Between a new finish and a contemporary edge, your countertop will look brand new. 

Tulsa Backsplash Resurfacing


Another great way to revitalize the overall look and feel of your kitchen is by updating the backsplash. You might not think the backsplash is an essential part of kitchen aesthetics, but tile surfaces are one of the first places (due to moisture) to get icky and used-looking. Resurfacing the backsplash can make a huge difference. Instead of spending money and time in a messy demo, allow Bear and Bison to clean and resurface the backsplash so that it looks like it was sealed yesterday. And speaking of sealing, we’ll fill the grout lines when resurfacing so that the backsplash will be a much more functional water barrier. 

Why spend money on a new kitchen when Bear and Bison can bring your dreams to life at a fraction of the price?

Create Your Own Faux Custom Stone Countertops

Tulsa Kitchen Resurfacing Tulsa Kitchen Resurfacing
Tulsa Kitchen Resurfacing Tulsa Kitchen Resurfacing
Tulsa Kitchen Resurfacing Tulsa Kitchen Resurfacing
Tulsa Kitchen Resurfacing Tulsa Kitchen Resurfacing

From Grayscale to Earthtone

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